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Tax considerations increasingly affect almost every personal and business decision we make. Because taxes have become such a critical area of concern and such a complex issue, we at Huckfeldt & Smith, have made knowledge of income tax laws and regulations a primary focus of our practice. At Huckfeldt & Smith, we believe that to effectively utilize the tax planning opportunities available we must be familiar with each of our client's business and unique personal circumstances. We emphasize a tax planning strategy that is integrated into our client's overall financial plan and takes full advantage of opportunities without ensuing excessive economic risk.

Accounting and auditing are the primary services provided by a CPA firm. We feel that it is critical they be performed with the utmost care and that we have a clear understanding of the nature of the organization involved. We are proud of our relationship with our clients and strive to turn a routine financial engagement into a valuable, effective management tool. Our auditors serve as financial advisors, turning raw financial data into usable recommendations.

Because we have such a close relationship with our clients, we have found that we are frequently asked to perform services above and beyond what is normally performed by a CPA firm. Decisions such as financing, pricing, planning, budgeting and buying are really questions about the most efficient use of an organizations resources. As a result of our familiarity with our clients' business, we are in a unique position to solve these management problems.

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